November 22, In which we scavenger hunt it up at the mall

There was a scavenger hunt to commemorate Jared’s 25th birthday. Three teams of four were set loose in Grossmont Center, armed with cell phones, cameras, and a couple dollars each, in the hopes of being the first team back to Shakey’s with everything on the list. 

It was awesome. Except Jared is a dirty cheater. And that’s all I’ll say on the matter. 
Team Jordan: Girl Jordan, Liz, Dan Blair, Emo, and Boy Jordan

The girls at Shakey’s

The security guards at Target were great at playing along with the instructions to, “Get an on-duty Target security guard to sign your bicep.”

This guy was great for telling us what Jared’s team ordered for the task, “Buy Jared’s favorite Grossmont Center dessert.”


“Dress up in crazy clothes.”

“Challenge a stranger to a race.” After Boy Jordan beat this little girl, he pumped his fists into the air, and when we questioned why he didn’t let her win, his response was, “I can’t let a girl beat me!”

“Pose with a manequin.”

“Build a pyramid in a grassy knoll.”

Good times with those camp people, I tell you. Good times.

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