Birthday Week Part One: Ode to Justin Michael Aubrey

Or, as his friends affectionately call him, Jgushin Michelle.

24 years ago today, a person was born. This person was my good friend Justin.

Say hi, Justin.
(This is Justin’s gangsta look.)

Justin and I met at the ripe old age of eight, at good ol’ Meridian Christian Elementary (the pre-uniform years). We were desk mates in fifth grade, when Justin got me my first detention ever. (He claims no recollection of this, and will plead not guilty to this accusation, but don’t listen to him.)

Now, some fun facts about Jgushin.

The kid loves him some Pepsi. (Photo circa 2001)

Justin was voted most likely to be a millionaire in senior year. (The expectation of this prediction is the main reason I’ve remained friends with him so long. So hurry up and make that moolah, Justin!)

Justin and I are the only really normal ones from our high school group of friends.
Exhibit A:
(In which everyone else looks ridiculous. And we look sane.)
(Photo circa 2001)

Exhibit B:
(Photo circa 2002)

Then again, I suppose he has his moments.
(Photo circa 2002)

Justin really likes guns. He also has no sense of safety. But really, who does in this group?

Some of my favorite memories with Justin include the Best Senior Trip Ever. Here we are on the third breakdown of the day, and Justin is still SO PUMPED!

Workin’ the yearbook on all weekends, holidays, after school, and on off days. This picture rocks because what you can’t see is the no food or drink near the computers sign right above us. Rules schmules.

Disneyland trips!

(Photo circa 2005)

Other great moments include our snowboarding trips to Big Bear, fighting over the alphabet game and the validity of street lamps as a 20 questions item; making movies at the Aubrey’s house, usually until about 2am, Matrix-style, reality show-style, and Scooby Doo-style; the night I made him help me with my first big college project which involved puffy paint and sprawling out across the floor like ten-year-olds (his mom even came in to take a picture of that Kodak moment); giving me love advice (ha, seriously); helping me on numerous occasions to thwart the advances of unwanted pursuers; memorizing all the Taboo cards and being able to guess each card off a one-word hint, thus making us the awesomest team ever at that game; tagging along to Frye’s to watch him handpick the parts to his new computer and then watching him put it all together in an afternoon (before this, I didn’t know you could do that); spending hours and hours playing Halo with the group; spring break of our senior year where we did nothing but watch movies on the Aubrey’s couch; and o so many more good times.

In all seriousness though, Justin is the greatest kind of friend you can have, and I will never ever ever (there aren’t enough evers) be able to really express how much I appreciate him. 

And now that I’ve talked him up, and all you girls are like, “Who is this guy? I must marry him!” — too late. He’s already been snagged by the awesome Jenafer (see the cuteness below…. not Jarrod… behind him.)

Yes. He
is awesome. Make sure to comment your birthday wishes for Jgushin on this post!

All hail the birthday princess!


One thought on “Birthday Week Part One: Ode to Justin Michael Aubrey

  1. Lady Liberty November 8, 2008 / 8:56 am

    This is greatness… but he should have opted for the purple princess hat.

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