Election Day

Last night we had an election party. Neil grilled up some steaks (and regaled us with the fun story of how those steaks came to be, and specifically the part he himself played in “readying” them). Neil’s mom made a salad. People trickled in between 6 and 8, until we finally had a group of about 20 by the time 8pm rolled around, the moment when the nation’s fate would be decided by the end of the west coast polls.

Someone mentioned early on what a great miracle it would be if California, a state that has traditionally and relentlessly been blue, was so touched by what’s been going on with The Call and the prayers for revival and all that it actually went red, and voted in the man who stood for the same values we did.

That didn’t happen. (Obviously.) But it’s a good feeling to know it could have. Because if there’s anything I’ve been learning lately, it’s that God can do stinkin’ anything in this crazy world. Even take that same state who voted in Obama with 24% more votes than McCain, and have it vote in a proposition opposed by both Obama and all the blue people by almost 5%.

I wish they hadn’t renamed it the same-sex marriage ban. That’s not what Prop 8 was about. It’s not about rights. It’s not about equality. It’s about defining the word marriage. It’s about telling two judges, “Hey, you can’t just decide what’s right and wrong in this state and go against what we overwhelmingly voted for last time.”

I’ve gotten a little passionate about it these last few days.

Everyone awaits the California deciding vote:

And there we have it. Obama wins, makes history. I’m generally not a very political person, but even I can understand the hardship of acquiring a Democratic president with a full set of Democratic Senate and House representatives.

It will be an interesting four years, that’s for sure.

After the presidential race was called, we waited out the counting for the state propositions. The lead was a good 10% at first, but the gap was slowly narrowing with each half hour that passed. We had one last round of prayer, and as Nathan Cornett was speaking, I suddenly got that DC Talk song stuck in my head… Supernatural? I couldn’t remember all the words at the time, but I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. It was a theme song for the night. I’m not worried about Obama. He might make decisions we don’t agree with, he might appoint the liberalest of all the liberal judges, and he might handle the situation in Iraq all wrong. But really? God’s got it covered. Nothing happens that is not allowed by Him. California is still praying for revival, and who knows? Maybe it could spread through the whole nation.

Supernatural by DC Talk
This worlds a tortured place to be
So many things to torment me
And as I stumble down this road it takes a toll
These days and nights I turn to you
No human hand can pull me through
No cosmic force or magic brew will ever do

But I can see it coming
Youre not so far away
cause I can feel your power
Surging through the whole of me

God is there and he is watching
He tells me all is well (its supernatural)
God is there, theres no denying
Hes supernatural (its supernatural)


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