The Haps

(You know, the things that be going on.)

Tim Askew started a blog!

I found a $170 check I’d forgotten about from working on set. It was like when you find $5 in your pocket, only 34 times better. 

Yesterday on set was weird. I don’t think I’ll be going on the days they’re in OB anymore, because the people down there are literally crazy. One old guy walked around screaming about how we shouldn’t vote for Obama (hmmm… maybe he’s not so crazy) and followed up his political views with a few racist jokes (which this one ridiculous girl kept laughing at, which just spurred him on), and a woman shouted at one of our security guards who had done absolutely nothing to her, then yelled that we’d all be dead by midnight when she caught a few people glancing her way. They’re a lovely bunch down there.

Pies are $6.99 at Marie Calendar’s right now. Sounds like Pie Date Night should be reinstated.
Due to the dryness of fall and my hypersensitivity to it, I have been shocking and getting shocked right and left. The down blankets on my bed are constantly filled with static electricity, and I swear at least twice a night I can bring up an actual, visible electric charge by touching them. I’M NOT KIDDING. Scared me to death the first time with the fear that I would set my blankets on fire in my sleep, but now it’s just kind of cool (but still painful). With some practice, I should be able to give anyone who crosses me a controlled zap, just like our favorite blonde villain and former VM star on Heroes. (“Hey, you mess with the bull…” ~ Veronica Mars)

My roommate gave me this awesome shirt. I told her not to be offended that it would be a sleep shirt and not a shirt I would actually wear out in public. (Because let’s be honest; I’m a nerd, but I’m not that kind of nerd.)

I finally finished my college blanket, started summer 2007 when Sara and Tyler were still around. (I miss you guys!) Yes, it took me more than a year to finish it. But the bulk of it’s been done awhile; I just had to get up the courage to sew on the backing, which ended up fantastic, especially for my first time every trying a project like this. 

Right now my poor blanket is taking its first ride in the washer. 😦 Is it sad that I’ve been praying for its safety in there?

One thought on “The Haps

  1. Lady Liberty November 11, 2008 / 6:02 am

    Lol, I gave her that shirt! And no, I'm not offended. Although maybe I should be, cause if I owned it, I would wear that shirt out. And I'm not that kind of nerd either!

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