Weekend Recap: Black and White Event

Sarah and Adam threw a barefoot black and white event at the Burmeister’s on Saturday night. Right after I got home from my first shooting lesson, Katelyn burst in the door shouting about only an hour to get ready. I stared at her blankly. Then I remembered the myspace invitation I’d gotten a month before. Thus begun the rush to get two girls fancy looking before Brian came around to pick us up.

The black and white affair was quite charming. It’s always fun seeing camp people whom you’ve seen in the dirtiest of dirt all snazzy looking. There was dinner and dancing, sparkling cider and homemade raspberry cake. So elegant.

Awww… how cute.

The table decorations outside.


More decor.

The birthday boy with some camp folks.

Katelyn and I.


That Jordan River is just hilarious for pictures.

See what I mean? No shame, that one.

Keener! I’m glad she’s around again… although I don’t really see her any more than when she was in Virginia….


One thought on “Weekend Recap: Black and White Event

  1. Brittany October 26, 2008 / 4:46 pm

    that's what everyone says

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