Conversations From Set

October 24, 2008
Around 7pm:
Danny (background setter along with Scott) to me: “Feels just like any other Friday night at the bar, huh?”
Me: “Yeah, I was just about to pull out my book. Just like every Friday night at the bar.”
Danny: (laughs)
Set designer, mixing fake drinks behind us: (Deadpans) “I totally went to the bar to read in college.”
Danny: “Well, yeah, depending on the book, it’s a great conversation starter; ‘So what are you reading there?’ It’s gold. (To set designer) What books did you take to the bar?”
Set designer: “Microbiology.”
End scene.
Around 8pm:
Scott, in a moment of exhausted delirium, or perhaps boredom, takes a fake piece of lettuce from a fake plate of food and puts it on his head as a yamaka.
Brad: “Mazal tov.”
Background girl I don’t know: “Oh, my gosh! Are you Jewish?”
Brad: (Bewildered) No… I just watched Wedding Crashers.”
End scene.

At 9:15pm
Background guy: (pulls out a tiny device of some sort which he uses to tune in to the currently airing episode of The Ex List.)
Everyone else: (crowds around to shamelessly scan the background of scenes for themselves.)
End scene.

Around 10pm:
Set designer: “So what are you reading?”
Me: (Holds up new Karen Kingsbury book to his blank stare) “It’s a girly book. I’m sure you haven’t heard of it.”
Set designer’s blank stare: (continues)
Me: “I mean, it’s no microbiology.”
Set designer: (Feigns insult) “Hey, I enjoyed that book.”
End scene.

Around 10:30pm:
While in holding, Brad instructs us in his views on educational reform (with ideas that actually sound good).
Set girl who I know but have never learned her name: “Brad, you should be president!”
Me: “Yeah! Brad for president! We should make posters!”
Another girl: “All this downtime is perfect for that!”
Me: “I’ll bring the markers next time!”
(And in case anyone’s wondering, last night’s episode coincides with this post from September 3.)

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