Weekend Recap: Announcing Christmas

After Heather’s baby shower on Sunday afternoon (which had the most amazing caesar salad I’ve ever eaten in my life, by the way), it was time for a much anticipated event: The October Christmas Announcement party. It’s just something we do.
It’s great fun.
The Christmas Announcement Party means we have a turkey dinner with all kinds of interesting somewhat Christmasy/ somewhat party-ish side dishes (deviled eggs anyone…? I just taught myself to make them…), we watch a Christmas movie, and of course the gift exchange (in the form of the game affectionately known as ‘White Elephant’ by Pam Beesley, and ‘Nasty Christmas’ by Jim Halpert).
The Best family… all four of them.

Gwen amuses herself amongst all the adults with drawings.

Christmas Pictionary was a hit this year.

Ryan Poole came up with Christmas themed phrases. (Like ‘lamp leg’)

Sometimes Pictionary makes Mikey excitable.

David with mini David minus the freckles (aka Caleb).

Ryan got so creative with some of the phrases that some people didn’t know what the heck he was talking about.

Genesee takes a break from shouting guesses to smile for Lizzie, the current camera holder because….

I’ve got this beautiful little kiddo for the next hour. Forget pictionary. Everybody’s finally distracted enough that I get the baby all to myself.
Two of my favorite people ever. Just ignore Justin’s slightly metro stance. He doesn’t normally stand like that, you know.

I have no idea what he drew just by looking at it, but apparently somebody else got it right.

Cute! As! A! Button!
(And so snuggly.)

Jarrod shows off his gift exchange winnings.

Jessica picks my gift… which I purposely bought with the intention that either Gwen or I would take it home… because it’s scrapbooking stickers, you see.
I play dirty at White Elephant Gift Exchange.

After this picture, Jessica yelled at me that I can’t force my recreational activities on others through this game. Silly. She should’ve been listening when Gwen and I conspired earlier on for Gwen to pick that gift. But it worked out. I stole it from Jess, and Gwen stole it from me, so I stole some Japanese plant from Jarrod for Jenafer, so Justin stole some bath and body works goodies for me.
Did you get all that? There’s a quiz at the end.
Okay, maybe not.
Cuz this is the end.


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