Bomb Things (At the Moment)

This guy’s blog.

Quote from David Wiesner (three time winner of the Caldecott Medal): “… the truth is that the imagination needs no outside stimulus.

Inspiring words from Jo March:
There’s a lifeThat I am meant to lead
A life like nothing I have known
I can feel it
And it’s far from here
I’ve got to find it on my own
Even now I feel it’s heat upon my skin.
A life of passion that pulls me from within,
A life that I am making to begin.
There must be somewhere I can be

Bomb book of the week: This is Just to Say…. Ever read that William Carlos Williams poem? The one where he steals the plums from the icebox and leaves a note in prosetry (just that made that up- nice, right?) for his wife explaining that he just couldn’t help himself. And somehow those 12 lines made ol’ WCW famous. (Maybe he wrote other things, too, who knows?) So this book is a collection of kids’ poems written from the perspective of various members of a sixth grade class in the style of WCW. Ingenius idea, I tell you. And I’m beginning to find, just like last month with that buddy of mine September, that I’m turning over a new leaf when it comes to poetry. Turns out when I’m not forced to read and analyze sixteenth century rhyme, I can actually get into the contemporary stuff. Huh.
Also, I like Mandy’s poems.

The ‘week in the life of’ project here. I’m about half done with my week in pictures and words.


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