Five Days

Another long day on set, but today we were in O.B. We spent most of the morning and afternoon in this parking lot: 

It was one of those days where there were so many different angles to shoot from that continuity in background was thrown out the window pretty quick. So there’ll be times when we’re walking into the store, and walking behind the actors, and pushing a cart across the parking lot, probably all within the same forty-five seconds of TV time. Excellent. Anyway, much fun in this parking lot. One of the grips gave me a lesson in lighting while we waited for action. I now know that extra lighting is necessary both on cloudy days and sunny days, and you can actually get a sunburn from standing in front of the light for too long. (I stepped off to the side of the screen at that little fun fact.)

After the parking lot, they kept 20 of us to head two blocks south to the exterior of the house. (Remember the fake exterior from Tuesday?) Here’s Brittany and I (and there’s Andy standing in for boyfriend #7) out on Narragansett Avenue.

Finished off the night with ultimate frisbee at 11 freaking pm. We got our shirts tonight. In keeping with a long standing tradition that all my intramural shirts are either red or green, here is my 2008 tee:

Friday: Ex List premiere. It’s kind of a stupid show, really. But the commenters on line seemed to like it okay, so I’m weird, I guess. But Brittany and I both made it into the pilot. Not bad for only being on set a few hours in march. 1 for 1!

In which winter hits us hard and fast and we try to live it up at Octoberfest. Jenna and I decided to embrace the October winter and decked out in hats, scarves, and Uggs. Aaron was wearing flip flops, so I think we over did it. Anyway, the fest was a dud and it started pouring halfway through so we all came back, changed into pj’s (well, the girls did), and watched Juno, my latest Netflix conquest (wasn’t as good as I anticipated).

Andy and Britt at the antique shop we ducked into to avoid the rain:
Jenna was really excited with the antique shop:

They totally had beanie babies. Like, the real ones. Aaron says this is the only beanie baby he ever had as a child. They even had the Peace bear there. Remember that one? It was rare. I convinced my dad to buy it for me at the swap meet for $35 when I was twelve. The antique shop was selling it for $5. I am never buying my kids stupid fad collectibles. 

Here’s a good shot of Octoberfest happening behind Jenna:

We stopped in at Cosmos where Brian was playing the drums. This is him saying hi:

I spent most of Saturday at home, while my dad fixed my car. Something about water and fluid leaking… there was some kind of belt involved… I’m really not sure of the particulars. But my heater wasn’t working and my dad said I was lucky my engine didn’t explode, so I guess it was a big deal. He also changed the oil while I was there. Between fixing my car and buying me $35 swapmeet crap, he’s pretty cool.

And this is one of our dogs.


After church I met up with some Jarrod and some other peeps at, where else, Octoberfest. By the time I found them though they’d already hit everything, so we just kind of lurked at the end and sat up on the blockades. And took pictures.

After church I headed home to take some pictures of my dad’s truck for craigslist. He’s in love with selling and buying on CL. I think that’s where he got the last two stereos for my car. (Seriously, my dad rocks.)

Awesome self portrait:

Hey, I’m caught up! Work, lunch, made some cool cover design templates, trip to Office Depot, quick stop at the El Cajon library, and then off to hang out with these kiddos. 
I almost gave up hope of finding a good DVD at the library, but lo and behold (what does that even mean?) my last quick scan showed me a little thing called Shrek the Third. Perfect for youth venture. Here’s Jamie fighting the system (the Playstation system) and trying to get the darn DVD to work. Porter and Alex are in the back discussing cell phones.
This is one of the many reasons I love Office Depot: right now they have bins of back to school junk for 20 cents. And by junk I mean awesome notebooks, folders, glue sticks, and dividers, all of which probably retail around $3 normally. 20 cents. And I had an ink cartridge to recycle which gave me an extra $3 off. I actually had to go buy a regular priced item or Office Depot would have owed me money. So here’s all my great loot:
The end!

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