September 30: In which William Russ rocks my socks off

So I’m doing this ‘Week in the life of’ thing from one of the scrapbooking blogs, where you pretty much takes tons of pictures and write about all the little mundane things in your day, etc. I forgot to take my camera with me on Monday, so I decided to start on Tuesday, which ended up being great, because Tuesday was a great day. 

Warning: these are all camera phone pictures. Real cameras and real picture-taking are highly frowned upon on set. So you have to be all sneaky and stuff.

So without further adieu, I bring you Tuesday, September 30: In which William Russ rocks my socks off.

7am- Arrive on set
7:10am- Load up on a grand ol’ breakfast complete with fried eggs, perfectly made to my exact specifications by awesome egg making food services guy. He’s there every morning making individual egg orders.
7:15am- Forced to leave our beautiful breakfasts in holding while we go in for the first scene.
7:30am- Scott sets me walking across the camera, plucks an apple juice/coke off the counter, and tells me today I’m a hard drinker (with a smirk)
9:30am- Out in holding, finishing our breakfasts, Gene tells us there will be an explosion soon at the military training set next to us. It’s nice of them to radio over before they blow something up in mini Iraq.
10:15am- Everyone is wrapped except for the lucky 20 who will continue to sit around all day waiting for one flower shop scene they still need us for.
10:30am- It’s baking hot; Gene has mercy on us, and moves holding into Stage 5 as long as we stay quiet. Stage 5 consists of the flower shop set, and used to be the Hearst College food court set (heartbreaking!)and is adjacent to Stage 4, where all the house sets are and where filming is currently taking place.

Here we are sitting in what used to be the Hearst College radio station. (We were excited to see the leftover advertisement for the Desmond Fellows (played by Paul Rudd) concert on what used to be the back wall of the station.)

10:45am- It is very quiet. Broke out the ipod and the 2008 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market for the long haul.

10:50am- Text Andy to bring me a coke if he can escape.

11:30am- Fliers get passed around for the day-after-the-premier cast and crew shindig thing. Even we’re invited. To a real Hollywood party. It’s kind of weird.

12:45am- Still in holding in Stage 5. Two trips to the bathroom, including an Andy-led excursion to the ‘special’ bathrooms, the ones formerly disguised as Hearst College dorm rooms in the hallways of the Veronica Mars set. (My entire perspective of Studios 4 and 5 have been deconstructed now that the VM sets are down. I used to think they were all one large rectangle shaped building that went waaaay back; turns out it’s an L shape. Those college dorms always threw me off because there were two doors to go through to get to them. Not that anyone else cares, but this was fascinating to me.) Also, Andy brings me a Dr. Pepper and the sides (script) for today, and so I love him. Lunch is scheduled for 1pm. We’ll see. Oh, and the dad on this show? According to the sides, he is played by William Russ, the dad on Boy Meets World! Haven’t been this excited about a guest star since Paul Rudd. 

1:45pm- Lunch with Andy. We ate out in the tent while most everyone else chose to take their food inside or eat in their trailers. So when it was just us, the food guys on their break, and a couple of the assistant producers out in the tent, guess who walked in with his lunch! Alan Matthews/William Russ!
Jordan: Awesome.
Brittany: A-mazing. 
And then he spoke.
Brittany: He sounds just like Cory’s dad!
Jordan: I can’t disassociate him as a real human being from his character on Boy Meets World!
So I hope he doesn’t do or say anything that shatters my impression of him as wholesome and caring Daddy Matthews. Fingers crossed!

Sneaky picture of William Russ while pretending to take a picture of our friend here, Random Extra Boy:

2:30pm- Back in. Sittin’ in my chair. Reading.

4:45pm- Moved to Stage 4. Another William Russ siting. Right not they’re filming a scene in the flower shop (where we were) while we sit out in the main characters’ “front yard” (where they were). Granted, the show hasn’t aired yet, but from what I’ve seen in previews, I would have bet money that the exterior of their house was an actual exterior setting. Glad I stopped betting. Right now one of the crew guys is playing with a toy helicopter in the corner. We thought the noise was him drilling something into the new set. Ah, the joys of down time in the entertainment biz.

5:39pm (yes, my times are getting more specific)- Andy informs us that there is an actual exterior house that is used, and that this set has just been built so it looks consistent when filmed from the inside. Also, we’re still waiting.

6:15pm- Andy brings me another soda.

6:24pm- Scott meanders over because he’s bored too (he’s had no one to choreograph since 9:30am), and offers to smuggle some cold waters “across enemy lines” for us. He also promises we are going to be in the next take.

7pm- They take only half the people for the scene. And I missed it because I was in the fake dorm bathroom. Dang it. 

7:30pm- Gene signs our waivers and we’re off ’til Thursday.

And that’s a wrap, folks.

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