Reason # 42 to consistently go to the library

Because the new La Mesa library just so happens to share a parking lot with the new La Mesa firehouse. And if you time it just right, you can be sitting at the exit waiting to make your turn as the fire truck pulls back into the lot. And then, even though you’re denying your very nature as a 24 year old girl to check out which firemen are in the truck, the driver looks down at you and smiles. And of course you can’t help but smile back. And then the guy in the seat behind the driver grins at you, and then you get to do a casual sweep of the interior and see that, yes, they are four very good-looking young men in that truck. 

And that’s why you should go to the library more often.

The illustrious new La Mesa library (home of my favorite books for free).

The beautiful new station 11 (home of some fire truck drivin’ hotties).

One thought on “Reason # 42 to consistently go to the library

  1. Lady Liberty October 2, 2008 / 12:18 am

    Side note on the Ex-List, you forgot to mention Brittan in your line-up of cameos…

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