Recap: Babies and Cookies

There I go again, not keeping this thing apprised with my comings and goings. 

(Is apprised the right word?… I’ll look it up later on
Quick recap of the important stuff: Baby Lucy and chocolate chip cookies

I got to hang out with this cute kid on Saturday night. She slept most of the time, and cried when she wasn’t sleeping, feeding, or sucking on that pink pacifier, but I hear that’s what babies do so there ya go. Jessica looked amazing for just having a baby three days before, albeit tired enough to fall asleep in the middle of conversations. (Jessica: “I hear you. My eyes just won’t stay open.”) These pictures aren’t great- too dark for awesome non-grainy, non 1600 ISO pics. Can’t wait for a sunny afternoon to try out cute newborn pics with the Rebel. That second picture, the one of Mike kissing Lucy, was actually my reject, going to delete later because I have a better, awesome picture like it. But alas, in my attempt to delete this one, I deleted the good one! Dismay! I’ve never ever ever done that before and what a time to do it- with a precious daddy kissing baby daughter picture! So I was forced to make up this one as best I could, and it doesn’t look too bad (but no where near the amazingness that was that poor deleted first picture).
Onto the cookies:
Yesterday I tried my hand at making cookies from scratch. We haven’t made cookies in soooooooo long, and I couldn’t find the dough at Fresh and Easy, and then Jenna told me we had everything to make delectable chocolate chip cookies in our kitchen right at that moment, and I had a free night, and it all just sort of came together like that.
I followed the Betty Crocker cookbook recipe to a T:

And they came out looking like perfect cookies:

But they didn’t quite taste perfect. So I was a little disappointed. But, since I neither burned them or made unreasonably flat final products, I’m willing to call it a success.


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