Just another manic monday…

Well, I got to one thing on my list at least- updating my financial stuff. Hooray! I have sufficient funds to carry on with my current lifestyle. Good thing, too, because I have become accustomed to a certain quality of life here in good ol’ La Mesa.

Youth Venture went about as smoothly as usual. So there was a lot of yelling, a lot of loud video games, and a lot of absurd teenagers who thought they were just the funniest things on earth. The football game offered some excitement for awhile (those back to back interceptions? crazy), and eventually the night turned into fifty-seven rounds of Polish pool. I am so glad I taught them that game. The fact that they still play it, still beg me to start the game on Monday nights, more than a year later, just makes me so happy that I have passed on the joy to a new generation of hoodlums.

And now I’m off to spend a few hours checking out this blog, this blog, and this blog, which supposedly tells the journey of one guy’s road to publication.

Hmmmm. Maybe someday I’ll be the ‘this blog’ someone else is linking to as a vast source of knowledge on something.

That would be nice.

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