Once upon a time, on a Saturday night far, far away

… we geared up to watch August Rush.

Now, I have heard a lot about this movie. When it was out in theaters I had no less than three different people, on three separate occasions, with no prompting whatsoever, just out of the blue commentary, tell me that I had to see this movie. The music’s great. The acting’s great. The plot’s great.
I have this problem, that when people tell me I will absolutely love something, more often than not I find it to be somewhat of a disappointment. This may stem from the huge expectation I put on books/movies/television shows that come so highly recommended. (The one exception to this rule is Harry Potter. Surprisingly, Harry also trumps the rule that I always like the movie better if I see it before reading the book.)
I haven’t seen August Rush yet. I did, however, try listening to the soundtrack my sister copied into my itunes, but I wasn’t feeling it. Maybe after I can put it into context. But other than the name of this movie (you may remember my affinity for August) it hasn’t struck me as something I have to see. Hopefully this will all change in the next two hours and I’ll be able to happily report that I have a new one to add to my favorites list.

One thought on “Once upon a time, on a Saturday night far, far away

  1. ryan September 21, 2008 / 2:44 pm

    I thought the movie was blah.

    Hope that helps ya. 😉

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