Edited Out

Today was my first day that I actually felt like an editor. Not only did I go through two proposed manuscripts today, but I was even wearing my Express editor pants, and I had to destroy some poor soul with my first rejection letter. 

And then I treated myself to a foot long Subway turkey sandwich at 3pm. I figured I deserved it after all that trauma. 

It still amazes me that we have the POWER to take someone’s words and turn them into a book. Fast. Our first book that wasn’t written by my boss was sent off last week, and we got the proof in the mail yesterday. I started working on that thing about three weeks ago and now…

Voila! Insta-book!

We tag-teamed this one real good. Justin did the cover, I did the inside design. We’re a good team.

Speaking of that kid, he and Jen are moved into their new awesome apartment. And when I say moved in, I mean it looks like they’ve been living their comfortably for months already. I don’t know how they did it, but they started moving in on Saturday, spent only a few hours actually moving things that day, and spent Sunday afternoon unpacking boxes, and were done by 4pm. And that includes a trip to Lowe’s where Justin hauled 19-20 bags of rocks onto a cart while I poorly kept count.

Heather and Neil also moved this weekend, into their new condo exactly one block from our office. It’s been quite a home improvement weekend all around.

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