Living proof that you can sleep only two hours and still be alive during the day

That is me.

For whatever reason (caffeine, stress, light pouring in from the blasted lamp outside my window) I was not sleeping well all weekend. Seeing as how I was able to sleep in Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, this did not much affect me until Tuesday. When I had to be up at 6am. And I didn’t fall asleep until 4.

I was pretty much drifting off every few minutes in my little lawn chair all morning. Never enough to actually sleep, unfortunately. And, despite that, I still was unable to fall asleep easily later that night.

So Tuesday was a rotten set day. I think I mentioned before about Most Awesome Set Day Ever, how it is totally the people there who make or break a day on set. When the ratio of Sleezy Guys and Divas to Normals is unbalanced, havoc is reaked. I kept to myself all day, me and my chair staying nicely away in the slowly fading shadows of holding. Especially from Sleezy Guy #1 who had earlier regaled me and another girl with stories of… an impolite nature, as we sat reluctantly with him, having been set together at a table by Scott. We were a captive audience in a completely literal way.

It really does make me sad the way some people live. I don’t mean to be judgmental or anything, but what is their purpose in life? To hook up with a new person every week? Really, I used to think the way things are depicted on TV was hyperbole, but the way people talk sometimes, it turns out TV and movies may actually downplay it all. It’s heartbreaking.

Today was a much better day. The Normals totally outnumbered the SG &D’s. And so there was polite conversation, games of dominoes and Uno, and much reading.

Fun randoms from today on set:
1) This pretend conversation happened around 8:45am at the bar:

Me: So what’s that red drink?
Lawrence, who usually plays the bartender: I believe that’s watered down gatorade.
Me: And what’s this porcupine looking prop sitting here in front of me? What’s his story?
Lawrence: That is the fake blowfish. He’s not supposed to be there. (Takes blowfish and sets him in his proper place on a shelf)
Me: How interesting. I couldn’t help but notice that over on that wall you have some Monopoly-looking money taped up. What’s up with that?
Lawrence: That is the first money the restaurant ever received. We like to look at it every once in awhile to remember our humble beginnings.
Me: It’s pink.
Lawrence (wistful voice): Yes, that was the only kind of dollar we accepted back then….

2) The actor playing this episode’s “ex” held the door open as all the background filed through, earning him the label of ‘sweetie’ from most of the girls. I think what really happened was that he was holding the door for the few people who walked out behind him and ended up stuck as more and more of us came through, but you know, it was still very polite for one of the actors. But, then on the next round, the actor who was playing his friend purposely stepped up to open the door for us, and said hello and smiled at each of us as we walked by. That guy’s a sweetie. He later confided in me and another girl that he’d done background work before and knew well what it was like.

3) The guy who plays Cyrus (who totally reminds of Jig, by the way) was getting his mike tested, and he stood in the middle of the bar saying, “Yes yes yes yes yes yes” in a monotone voice. Finally, the background guy set right in front of him, but facing away, turned around to see what the heck was going on, and “Cyrus” just smiled politely at him and said, “helloooooo.”

4) Scott’s answer when someone pointed out that they’d been on the opposite side of the bar for the same scene earlier: “Don’t worry- you’re just going to be a faceless blur here anyway.”

Way to put it all into perspective, Scott.


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