Lazy Crazy Hazy Days of Summer

Boo. I got ice cream on my laptop. Dreyer’s Dibs delectable ice cream bites to be exact.

Ah, sacrifice.

Anyway, more fun pictures from Jess’ baby shower, below. I’m very pleased with myself about them (and clearly still in a black and white mode), except for one thing: when I was taking the pictures, I didn’t realize I had my ISO set to the max, which lends for some slightly grainy shade pictures. I’ve got to remember that the Rebel doesn’t automatically reset all my settings when I turn it off– it keeps it exactly the way I left it from taking pictures at midnight the day before. Lesson learned, I suppose.

This one’s not from the shower- I just really liked the lighting in the hall. 🙂
Ahhh, what a cute little basket! I wonder who gave that to her? And that hat is just adorable…

Perk of being the big sister: you get presents, too.

Someone knitted this blanket for Jessica. How awesome is that?

Today is a great do-nothing day. So far I have done… nothing of great consequence, although I’ve been really meaning to write. I got a lot done on Thursday night when a bout of insomnia kicked in and I couldn’t fall asleep until four a.m., finally in the second half of my book, with the roommates offering encouragement every time they see me parked at the kitchen table for hours on end. (Or on the floor. Or the top of the stairs. Or the right most seat of the big couch.) My deadline is something like mid-September, and who knows if I’ll make it, but at least I’m trying.

In book news, we got the proofs for the latest CTP books on Thursday. They look awesome. It’s still amazing to me that we can make books. Absolutely amazing.
Katelyn dragged me down the street earlier (during my do-nothing) to watch Brian’s cousin’s AYSO game. Oh, Soccer Saturdays! How I miss you! Can’t wait to have cute little kids who live for kicking things. My plan is to give them a ball as soon as they start walking. That way they’ll be pro by the time they hit age 4 and can officially start playing. Yes, I plan to breed hopefuls for the the US national team 20 years from now. It’s part of my plan for world domination.
Well, I’m off to do something productive. Monday’s a holiday, and Tuesday I’m going to set, so I’ve got a book manuscript to finish this weekend. Our first one that’s not Glen’s! I’m hoping not to screw it up, and figure since so far we’re 4 for 4, my chances of it being pretty decent are okay. Although, I am trying some new formatting designs with this guy, so we’ll see!

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