08.08.08 In Pictures

8 roses from Jen and Justin Watching/playing Wii soccer

More of that. Look how much fun they’re having!

Video game= perfect girl talk time

Britt gets her new camera = I get to be in pictures now!

Like this one!

Ryan was so awesome to let us borrow his Wii.

So, this isn’t the best picture, but man. It just sums up the spirit of competition, doesn’t it?

Alicia, me, and Jen

Bustin’ out of the Smash Brothers

Rabbids! It’ll make your arm muscles ache for a week.

Game glaze.

New Ryan’s birthday card:

Hello, 24. So far, I think we’re getting along excellently.
All in all the party was great fun. Thanks to Ryan and Jared for supplying the games/running home for lost parts and everyone who came to have fun with us!


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