Almost There!

Just say no to blog slacking!
Okay, forgot to post the video from our O.B. on set experience. Not terribly great quality, but what can you expect from a phone? At this point, all us background are lounging on the beach getting a tan while they spend an hour filming a scene that only requires the main actors. Sonia took the opportunity to catch up on the hours of sleep we missed because of pillow talk with Jenna until midnight and then getting up at 4am.

Next up was the world premiere of Alice! Some CCT guys put together a brand new rock high school version of Alice in Wonderland, and the premiere ran only two weekends. It was a decent musical, but could definitely use some work livening up the middle, which was looooong and uneventful. Act two picked up almost immediately with the appearance of Ryan Hansen (roommates past and present, you may remember him as Dick Casablancas on Veronica Mars) in a hilarious number that was a cross somewhere between Robin Hood Men in Tights and what I can only imagine would be the actual Dick Casablancas’ experience in musical theater.
Almost done with the updates now! Just got to post the birthday pics and we’re good to go for a review on our Ex List experience last night.


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