Next up: Hollywood

There’s a new show in town (RIP Veronica Mars), and the Monday after ComicCon, Brittany, Sonia, my sister, and I headed down to O.B. for filming of the second episode of the Ex List (does it sound stupid to you? It sounds stupid to me). Justin had called us a couple nights before for the roles of runner, race volunteer, pedestrian, and race volunteer, respectively.

After the 27th lap around Newport, Brittany was really regretting her agreement to be in the race. Sonia, Britt, and I, however, were sitting pretty. Well, Britt was sitting pretty. They stuck her in the bar window, and I told her she could totally sneak her book in between filming. Which she did. The only person on the entire street who couldn’t care less that B-list Hollywood stars were filming a scene six feet in front of her. Sonia and I, the good race volunteers that we were, got stuck standing in the street for a couple of hours while they went through all the shots. There was very little structure going on where background was concerned; everyone else kept disappearing, either back in the bar or around the corner to base camp.
The bar thing: before base camp was set up, we got to hang out in the Irish pub they were using for the exterior of the cafe. My little just-turned-18 sister’s first time in a bar. I was so proud. I took pictures. And then sent them to Mom and Dad.

Here’s us in the pub! (Darn backlighting ruins pictures.)
More info later. Brittany, Ryan, and I are going up tonight to be on the new sets for the first time. (I seriously might cry if I see how they’ve torn down the VM cafteria and dorm room and made it into the new show’s sets, but Andy assures me we won’t be on that part of set.) More pics and details to come!

3 thoughts on “Next up: Hollywood

  1. Ryan August 15, 2008 / 11:27 pm

    Aw I never even got to see the college sets at the studio. We'll see what the new sets look like.

    And LOL about your sister in the bar.

  2. sarah b. August 16, 2008 / 5:18 am

    I really hope this new B-list show doesn't interfere with my OB excursions! And I hope they don't ruin good things like the Black Bead, Hodads, Pomas, and my optometrist Ben-Moshe. On the other hand, I do wish you all the very best success with Hollywood. I could actually say, “I lived with Jordan Peck and we were up to shananagans on more than one occasion.”

  3. Lady Liberty August 16, 2008 / 6:34 am

    I would rather be stuck standing in the street than stuck running a round about way through Newport Ave so I avoided the shot but made it back in time to be recycled.

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