Back the Truck Up: Comic Con

Okay, so I see what’s addicting about watching the Olympics. It was a good night. Not for the Americans so much. Even the Canadians were whipping our tails in the diving competitions. And those Chinese synchronized high divers are something else. They totally deserved the medal.

But, on to other things. Like going back in time.

Comic Con!

It’s nice to have hobbies. However, some people are just too into some things.
Comic Con is not a place for children.
We should have gone on Saturday.

The chance to see Neil! Patrick! Harris! From our fave show, How I Met Your Mother!

Neil! Patrick! Harris! not being on the panel after all. Some last minute cancellation. Boo, NPH. Boo.
No Heroes panel. No Office panel. They were all the day before.

All in all, it was fun because of who was there: me, Jen, Justin, and Justin’s cousin Brandon. We’re a fun group to do stuff like this… probably because we all know we’re geeks… just not the extreme of those around us. It was like we were the cool kids.We had a game going of who could find the most geeked out person. Justin won.

Yes, that is Justin’s nerd shirt.


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