The Haircut

So I have been a slacker blogger lately. I know.

In an attempt to redeem myself, I will now go back through the last two weeks or so and address anything I forgot to write about/didn’t have time for/didn’t have pictures to tell the story/glossed over. This will not all happen tonight. We’ll call this more of a progressive project strung out over this week. Hey, I’ve got other things to do (read: finish my novel asap).

We kick off with one of the glossed over subjects: the haircut.

So I went in fully thinking I was NOT going to cut my hair. I wanted to hang on one last time. Then I was in the chair and I decided to let Jenafer decide. Her vote was snip, snip. Complete with scissors for embellishment. So I did it, and I’m glad I did it. It was the best choice and fortunately Jenafer was the one to realize that and tell me.

And since it’s been nearly a month since the cut I actually have pictures of all the different ways I can now “style” my hair. Style, of course, being a loose term for the word… it’s more like, I can manage it in a way to not look completely idiotic.

(Please dismiss the complete candid-nicity of all featured photos. No time to throw them in PS and make them awesome. (Did I mention I should be typing fiction right now? And not wasting time here?))

1) Down/slightly curly

2) The short ponytail! I’ve always wanted one of those!

3) The headband (that suprisingly stays on my head)

4) The pigtails

Hmmmm. I’m missing ‘pulled back with bobby pins’ and ‘down, completely straight, no waves whatsoever’ (also known as ‘normal’).
And that, my friends, is the story of the haircut. Browsing through my ‘what I’ve done recently’ list, I figured the next thing that I glossed over is the cam… then I realized from all the blogs posted about said subject, it probably wasn’t so glossed over as I thought. (Then why do I feel like I’ve hardly begun to even tell you all about it’s amazingness?… Oh, yes, because I’m IN LOVE WITH IT.)
Next up: Comic Con!

One thought on “The Haircut

  1. Jessica August 11, 2008 / 6:03 pm

    you look SOO cute! I LOVE the hair. 🙂

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