Twenty-three, for a moment

For my final hurrah to 23, I’ve listed some of the more fun/amazing/interesting experiences of the year.

We kick off the group with August 8, 2007: The Road Trip begins
Disneyland in August!

Disneyland in September!

Christmas Announcement Party: October

Fires got a little close to home this time

Halloween: We are too cool for school.

First time doing Black Friday shopping the way it was meant to be done– at 4am.

Ultimate frisbee at good ol’ SDCC

If you didn’t see this at the church Christmas dinner, you really missed out.

A night downtown with the work friends

Marie Calendar’s Pie Nights!

Pilot season = time on set in Ocean Beach

Tax day at Disneyland : I heart Disneyland.

I heart Disneyland again two weeks later.

First trip to the Wild Animal Park

I learn how to take cool pictures- woot!


Three weeks of Jeremy before he leaves for two years

Fair day; sight seeing competition

The American Idol season 7 obsession begins. (And only season seven)

It was a close call, but we made it to Coronado just in time.

Learning InDesign and creating books

And we wrap things up with some good ol’ Comic Con.
Farewell, 23. It was a great year.


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