Twilight, Part… well, who really cares anymore?

It is August 3.

One day after the relase of the much-anticipated fourth book of the Twilight series.

Let the blood bath begin. (Yes, pun completely and totally intended. Please laugh.)

Book four left much to be desired. I’ll probably just leave it at that. I was going to write up my thoughts on it, my disappointment with certain plot choices, the utilization of deus ex machina literary devices, and many, many dangling clues that were left unaddressed. But I just had to see what everyone else thought of it. Maybe it was just me. I was hesitant about the series anyway. Maybe the die hard fans loved it and I’m the weird one.

And maybe not. I read through the reviews on Amazon, and ouch. I think there were about 140 who had given it 5 stars. And 157 who had given it 1 star. Stars 2, 3, and 4 made up approximately 30 other people. Those are some pretty harsh reviews.

So now I just feel really ridiculously bad for the author, because this can’t be a good day for her. The release of your last book in a series should be amazing… and I have a feeling it’s just turning out very, very sad.

I think one reviewer put it best by saying that you should really just stop at book three and make up your own ending. I kind of whole heartedly agree.

It could have been so great. Oh well.


One thought on “Twilight, Part… well, who really cares anymore?

  1. thesmallblondeone August 6, 2008 / 5:59 pm

    Oh, Mandy, stop, you'll make me blush.

    And “kind of wholeheartedly” means I really do mean it with all my heart, but I had to throw kind of in there to take the sting out of it. “I wholeheartedly agree” sounds so much nastier than “I kind of wholeheartedly agree.” I left room there for niceness in case Stephenie Meyer ever happens across my blog; I don't want her to think I hate her books.

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