Twilight, Part Four

What happened to parts two and three, you ask? Well. Part two’s theories would have been posted on Tuesday night, and Part three’s guesses would have come early Thursday afternoon… if I could have put either of those books down long enough to boot up my laptop. But I couldn’t, so I didn’t, and so nothing of the past week of my life has been recorded yet, even though it’s actually some good stuff (being on set, the Cheesecake Factory fiasco, and seeing Ryan Hansen LIVE! ON STAGE!). Meh. It’ll all have to wait until I’m done with book four…

Which fortunately came out today. I really planned this well. Not even enough downtime in between book three and four to really start itching for it. I finished three around 11:30 last night, picked up book four at 1pm today. Why can’t it always be this easy?

So, my thoughts on the series so far: I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I’m not in love with it yet. My roommates might try to contradict that, as they’ve been the ones who’ve watched me read for about four days straight, but really I just need to know the end of the story. Even if I don’t like something, if it intrigues me enough, I have to know how it ends. Jenna’s solution for that was to just thumb through to the end, but that’s because Jenna is the very essence of what book-ruiners are made of. (Did you hear that, Jenna?) But I need to know the whole story, how we get to the climax, how they escape from certain death, all that good stuff. So here I am, hostage to the vampire love story that has taken over our nation today, August 2. Just think, there are millions of people reading this very book right now. Some started at midnight and were finished hours ago. The whole plot is probably detailed out on hundreds of livejournals. I need to stay off the internet.

Anyway, my thoughts on it (for real this time): Great plot. Excellent characterization. I mean, really, really good. Alice and Emmett are totally in the top of my favorite fictional characters. Everything moves the book forward, in a pace that doesn’t let you stop to take a breath. I think the thing that’s probably holding me back is that I’m just not much of a horror story kind of person, and these books are somewhere between suspense and horror. But then you throw in all the teenage drama and it seems pretty normal.

My predictions (in smaller lighter reading– I just can’t spoil it for anyone else either):

I don’t think Bella will become a vampire. The only options we really have are 1) Bella becomes a vampire, 2) Bella decides against it, 3) Edward dies, 4) Bella dies, 5) Edward becomes human again. So far Bella’s been on board for joining up for three books, so it’s going to take something big for her to change her mind (her aversion to blood has yet to be addressed by any of them…). I don’t think the author would kill off either of the main characters, though I think Jacob’s definitely in jeapordy. My gut reaction, ever since the Romeo/Juliet/Paris line was brought up, is that Jacob will be taken out of the picture. And since there hasn’t been anything said about any possible way for vampires to change back to humans, unless they stumble across something in this book, I don’t see Edward’s human chances being very good. My prediction now: Bella will not become a vampire. Not sure how or why yet. I still hold to my theory that there’s something more to her, she’s got some power about her, and I think it comes down through her mother’s side somehow. Maybe Charlie isn’t her real father?

And now off to read. Be back later.


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