Twilight, Part One

EDITED: This was originally written on Sunday night, but I posted it to the picture blog on accident. So here it is now. Pretend it’s Sunday night, kay?

So I started reading Twilight. You know, the Mormon vampire book. Wasn’t really sure what to expect out of it. I mean, really: what does one expect from a teenage vampire book, written by a Mormon, and gushed about by a good majority of both the Mormoms and Christians that I know/keep up with via blogs?


So I’m 101 pages in as of now, and I must say, it’s definitely entertaining. Intriguing. Suspenseful. I think I’ve already got part of the plot figured out, but there’s still like 400 pages to go, so I’m thinking it may be a part that you’re supposed to figure out early so you think you’re all smart and then WHAM! The real suprise hits you around page 350, because you weren’t even looking for it. If you want to read Twilight and don’t want any spoilers, don’t read the next paragraph– I’ll make it easy to avoid by typing in small letters and a really light font. But here’s my guesses so far:

Bella’s mother is one of the vampires. That’s why she seems so young for her age, Bella claims she is prettier than her (because the vampires in this book are characterized by their ageless beauty), and why she had problems staying with Bella’s dad. This would make Bella a half-vampire, which explains why what’s-his-face Cedric Digory-boy (Edward) is so drawn to her, why she’s harder for him to see through, something about her weakness for blood, and would somehow make it so they could be a cute little vampire couple for eternity.

Or something. I really don’t know. But it’s good. Definitely going to be looking forward to all the down time on set tomorrow.


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