Melancholy and Rock Stars.

Well, tonight we are at Ryan’s for the last time. He’s moving out of his bacheror pad, this nice little apartment with a jacuzzi, nestled into a nook of the 15 freeway.

We will miss it.

Currently, 3 Shades of Blue are playing Rock Band. 3 Shades of Blue is our band name cuz we’re cool like that. It’s 3 Shades, even though there are 4 of us, because 3’s a cooler number apparently. And also, I only play like a third of the time so it really doesn’t matter. (I don’t find Rock Band very impressive.)

So they’re playing, and I’m blogging, and Thursday nights are routine for one last night. After this we’re sure to watch some television show Ryan’s DVR’ed, so the last TV Thursday will be a very well-rounded experience.


One thought on “Melancholy and Rock Stars.

  1. ryan July 26, 2008 / 4:00 am

    Awww, you still rock. Even if you are anti-Rock Band. But one day, they just might have a David Cook song on there, and you might be playing, I feel.

    And I think I should see to it that the next place I end up has a jacuzz too, and that we all put it to use next time. Yes!

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