Five on Friday

Because Ten on Tuesday is just too much.

1) Once Jenna and I locked ourselves out of the apartment and didn’t realize for half an hour that we had the key in our hands the whole time. And I mean literally in our hands, not some metaphorical mumbo jumbo. Funny story, really. Maybe I’ll tell it another time.

2) On Tuesday night, Jenna and I got ourselves locked in our apartment for the first time ever. Our screen door gets stuck all the time, and that day it decided not to unstick, despite the 100+ pounds of girl we were throwing at it. We finally had to have Jared come over and bust us out. And then we taped over that stupid hole so it couldn’t happen again.

3) A claim to fame: For quite a while, I was the top ranked player on the Addicted to Veronica Mars trivia application on Facebook. Of the entire world of people who are addicted to Veronica Mars, I had a commanding lead for about two weeks. Then I remembered I have a life to live and stopped keeping up with it, but someday I’m going to go back and reclaim my title. Our team, which consisted of Brittany, Ryan, and Andy, was the top ranked team for quite awhile as well.

4) I am writing a book. No, you’re not in it.

5) I kind of loathe Rock Band a little. I feel it’s the popular kid’s Guitar Hero. Or for kids who can’t share. Either way, the guitar is different feeling and I don’t like it.


One thought on “Five on Friday

  1. ryan July 26, 2008 / 3:58 am

    Aw Jordan, you're the bestest. And I think I'm trying to make a very coherent comment for being a little woozy on my last night here at Casa de Padres Gardens. And I think when Rock Band 2 comes out and we're rcoking, you'll sing a different tune! Oh and besides, you can use the Guitar Hero guitars too!

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