Studying Up

Still here. Still playing with the cam. I’m slowly reading through the manual that came in the box. Yeah. I’m totally one of those people. But now I’m one of those people who knows how to make my own custom white balance with a gray card (always wondered how they did that), choose a setting that sharpens or softens the picture in-camera (cool, cool), and shoot in RAW to get the uber-best picture possible. Here are three I particularly like from my prowlings-around tonight:

(Note: The following pictures were all shot with an ISO of 1600. Sixteen freakin’ hundred, people. And the only time you can really see any pesky grain is when they’re blown up. A-mazing.)

Exhibit A: A study in manual focusing

Exhibit B: A study in the kitchen

Exhibit C: A study of night-time manual photos, as well as burning edges


One thought on “Studying Up

  1. sonia monique July 22, 2008 / 7:43 pm

    dude! your pretty good at that picture taking thing! 25 double high-fives…which really = 50 high fives! yes you deserve 50 high fives!

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