I Went to the American Idol Concert and All I Got Was This Lime Green T-Shirt

Kidding! I also got some pretty great pictures, if I do say so myself. Also, if any of you were wondering, sneaking a camera into the Sports Arena? Cake. Walk.

:: Panaramic view 10 minutes before the concert started::
:: Top 5-10 perform a song mid-concert::

:: Half-time picture::

:: A lovely guy offered to take this picture for us::

::Representing $105 worth of merchandise::

::Jason Castro, with his weird red shoes::

:: Little David and the piano came up out of the floor– that was pretty sick::

::Awww, I like this little guy::

::But I think I like this guy more::

:: Working the crowd::

::All of their humility really impresses me, but I think what especially got me was when Big David brought out this little video camera he’d just bought so he could capture the audience’s reaction. I really like that he acts like a normal guy who just happened to be thrust into stardom, and shows it by nerding out on the crowd like that::

:: The last song ::

Also, now that I have them pu, here are the links for the rest of the fair pictures, NOT-couch-burning-beach-bonfire night, and Mikey’s birthday:

One thought on “I Went to the American Idol Concert and All I Got Was This Lime Green T-Shirt

  1. the ryan part of bryan July 10, 2008 / 3:00 am

    Thanks for capturing the moments! And I love your assessment of Big David and his humility. I read (on TWOP, of course) some interview where he talked about how the tour is teaching him how to reach out to even the farthest seat to make it feel like an intimate concert still…

    I may just represent the Idol tour on the next Disney trip. Few weeks away, I hope!

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