Aw, I get to see David Cook tonight

American Idol concert tonight, peeps. I’m a bit excited, I have to admit, even though I’m not much of a concert fan as a general rule. I think it’s from following the trials and joys of the final seven in their last weeks of the show, the only episodes of American Idol I’ve ever watched. I love how humble they all are, not these big ego-centric rock stars. And since tonight’s only the second show of the tour, we’ll hopefully get them before they get too tainted by the glitz and glamor.

Pictures to come! (Fingers crossed!)

On an unrelated note, anyone have a suggestion for smuggling a camera into the sports arena? Are we going to be Disneyland searched (just a quick look through the bag and a walk through the detector) or is it not smart for me to just pocket the camera?


One thought on “Aw, I get to see David Cook tonight

  1. Brittany July 3, 2008 / 5:18 pm

    i know i am late in responding but from my past experiences . . . with The Backstreet Boys in 2000, my camera was strategically place around my neck to dangle at my stomach, inside my shirt. I also had my extra film in my bra . . . but that, of course, was prior to the digital age.

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