June 12, 2008: I Love the Fishes Cuz They’re So Delicious!

So Jeremy’s back, hooray! And we’ve gotten to see him bunches so far, so an even bigger hooray! He’s in San Diego for just three short weeks, in between his first year at a Michigan grad school and his two year stint in Benin working with the peace corp. So we’re trying to cram all our Jeremy moments in while we can. 😦
So far the memories we’ve collected are:
1) Brian Regan Live on YouTube! We watched all the I Walked on the Moon excerpts online.
2) Winning over another soul to How I Met Your Mother awesomeness. He said, and I quote, “It wasn’t too bad.” Win!
3) Putting together the Not-Couch! Jeremy’s the one who figured out how to set it up properly. And came up with the idea to burn it!
4) Watching the US kick Barbados in the shin guards in the first World Cup qualifier. (Go US!)

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