The Bookcase


So I finally got my great, new, wonderful, fantastic, tall, but most importantly STABLE bookcase. We Ikea’d yesterday (yes, Jenna, I can make even proper nouns into verbs because I’m an English major, and we get to control those kinds of things), and I got my long anticipated bookcase in the greatest color, birch. I wasn’t going to get birch, because it was a whopping $20 extra just because it was pretty (darn Ikea), but nearly everyone said I should go for it if it was the one I liked. Too bad I also like saving money in the forms of $20. Too bad also that they were out of stock of the cheaper one, so I had no choice but to get the pretty one that I wanted to begin with. Yesterday I skipped out on Youth Venture (don’t worry, I heard it was slow there anyway) so we could put it up immediately. Aaron (Metro to you camp folks) helped Jenna and I and we had so much FUN doing all the steps, each of which were the most fun step according to Aaron, who is a teacher and apparently thinks he has to say things like that to keep up enthusiasm. (“They’ll clap at anything if you say it like that.” – Someone name that quote!) Except I didn’t need it any more exciting because it was already my BOOKCASE, which I have been very excited about for awhile, because I’m the nerdiest of all nerds, and this is just one proof among many that this is the case.

And then we had it up, and Aaron mounted it to the wall for extra stability, and it was amazing. (“I saw it. I saw it, and it was amazing.” – Another great quote!) And then came the best part: putting my things into it! Let me tell you, there is nothing as satisfying as plotting out space between shelves, stacking and restackng, and then discovering new things that I now have room to store on my NEW BOOKCASE (!).


One thought on “The Bookcase

  1. The "Ryan" part of BRyan May 31, 2008 / 10:04 pm

    The first quote was by Lily! The second quote… dang it, should I know that one? Kudos to your new office bookshelf! And birch was a good choice, glad I could throw in my 2 cents.

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