Seriously. I’ve never watched American Idol until six weeks ago. I’m not one of those crazy addict people. But this is just awesome.

Okay, so apparently not blogging for more than five days creates a rush to blog, blog, BLOG!

Here we are in real time. Brittany, Ryan, and I, possibly the only ones in America (who care) who don’t know which David has won American Idol. I think it’s going to be little David, and here’s why: the teenage girls love David Archuletta. The 20 somethings love David Cook. And really it all comes down to who loves to use their cell phones more, so my money’s on the kid.

I personally don’t have a favorite, but my cohorts are voting (and have voted, every week in fact, cuz they’re slight nerds) Cook. I think both have amazing voices, and it was going to come down to figuring out who I would like to see in concert (if we go see them in July) more. This was when I thought the winner didn’t get to go on tour with the others, which I’ve been saying for the past weeks stinks for the winner, because I’d want to be on the fun tour, and nobody’s bothered to correct me until tonight that, in fact, the winner gets to go too. So. Turns out I don’t really care who wins, because they’re both going to get record deals, so really, what does it matter that David Cook will come in second because teeny boppers have faster texting fingers than the twenty-three-year-olds?

And a couple of real-time pictures:

Brittany and Ryan watching with rapt attention-

A self-portrait. This is actually how I look most of the time, with my hair flung over one shoulder and my computer burning my lap. (Speaking of that, I should move it to the floor so it can circulate.)And, here’s David “Babyface” Archuletta rocking my socks off.

Wait, I take that back. My socks have just been rocked so far off that I can’t even find them. We almost missed it, but when Brittany suddenly asks, while Ryan isfast forwarding through the commericals, “Wait. Was that David Cook playing guitar in his underwear?” we have to rewind to see.

And. It. Was.

David Cook, in the most amazing Guitar Hero commerical EVER. I’m posting it as soon as I can safely go to youtube without being spoiled of the results. He’s seriously rocking it in a button-down shirt, plastic guitar, and socks. Nothin’ else.

Oh, wait! There’s little David in his own commercial! Rocking around the living room in his button-up shirt and boxers! Could American Idol get any stinking cuter?


One thought on “Seriously. I’ve never watched American Idol until six weeks ago. I’m not one of those crazy addict people. But this is just awesome.

  1. The "Ryan" part of BRyan May 31, 2008 / 10:13 pm

    I'm not even going to say how many times I voted on finale night. It's an embarrasingly sad amount, and I blame the judges for making me think that Cook was in danger. So I'm glad one of your TV finale predictions was wrong! 🙂

    And we are SO going to the concert. I have the tickets on my desk!

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