Cooking School, Week 3

Brittany and Ryan school of cooking, round three.
Well, apparently I wasn’t paying good enough attention because the preparation seems to be over. Tonight’s course is Thai peanut chicken and rice noodles.

I caught up with Cook Brittany (or, Brittany Cook, she’d like that, I bet, hee hee) as she was soaking the premium quality rice noodles in water. This is necessary because the noodles will otherwise fall apart during boiling, and apparently soaking makes them strong and bulky, like they’ve been eating their spinach or something.

In the Thai peanut chicken is chicken, basil, bean sprouts, and Thai peanut sauce- one of which I believe is giving me a mild allergic reaction. Not sure which one.


One thought on “Cooking School, Week 3

  1. Lady Liberty May 19, 2008 / 3:31 am

    Hmm Brittany Cook?? No no, he's too short. But the voice may make up for that. MAY.

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