Ryan’s Kitchen: Episode One

Tonight, for your viewing pleasure, we have conducted the first of many installments entitled, “Brittany and Ryan’s School of Cooking.” In this exciting adventure, Jordan pays rapt attention during the making of Thursday TV Night dinner, whilst Brittany and Ryan offer tips and tricks and general cooking knowledge in a cooking network show format.

Today’s Meal: Spaghetti with Salad and Garlic Bread, and Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies

(Currently Playing: Always Be My Baby, the David Cook version)

Lesson One: Always scrape the excess butter and garlic off of garlic bread (also, for actual crispy brown bag, don’t use bag… this rule applies for garlic bread that is not pre-frozen. Pre-frozen bread works well with the bag).

Lesson Two: If you do not want your spaghetti to stick to the pot or to itself, add a pinch of salt (note: a very small pinch of salt, not a spoonful).

Lesson Three: Always shake the bottle (Warning! Product placement!).

Lesson Four: Do not recycle the excess butter from aforementioned garlic bread for cookies.

Lesson Five: If butter has not been prepared/warmed ahead of time, microwave the sucker. (Important: take the wrapper off butter, or you will start a fire or melt wax into your butter.)

Lesson Six: Do not leave the butter on the pan for too long. (Exhibit A)

Lesson Seven: Never leave tupperware in the oven, unless you’re looking for a good way to make abstract plastic sculptures

Lesson Eight: Fruity salad dressings (i.e. Raspberry Viaigrette) goes well with spinach, not so much with regular old iceberg

Lesson Nine: You must always play David Cook while cooking. (This one’s debateable.)

And a pic of the happy family, enjoying the spaghetti dinner:


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