American Idol

Well, I used to be able to say I’d never seen an episode of American Idol, but this year when they came to San Diego, I decided to watch the auditions episode. It was… meh. I could see why people were entertained by it, but I wasn’t terribly impressed. Then a few weeks ago, I started going with Britt over to Ryan’s house for TV Thursday, where they watched the two nights’ American Idols and that week’s The Office, and I started getting to know the contestants, and I got somewhat hooked. But just for this season.

All that to say, as I’m sitting here watching tonight… how in the world is Jason Castro (or as I like to call him “the hippie”) still in the running? He sings the exact same kind of songs, in the exact same way, and he has no personality. Why do these silly American girls keep voting for him? Dude, vote for the kid! He’s stinkin’ rocked every song I’ve seen, and the judges can’t find anything bad to say about him.

PS- I like that Syesha goes on barefoot. I would totally do that. She’s just standing there, facing Simon, in her cute dress and no shoes. I love it.


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