The Difference Between Girls and Boys

Ha! So I’m in the process of trying to get my laptop back up to full optimal performance, which for me involves a lot of deleting and reorganizing files. I found an MS Word doc that I’d kept with fun quotes from the roommates and our guests over the years (kind of the things that didn’t make it onto the actual quote wall), and I found this great one from the Great M&M Poker Night of 2005. Sonia and I had Muruk, Boston, and Donald from New Mexico over during Thanksgiving break and we tried this varation to Texas Hold ‘Em after we’d just spent the day down at Point Loma. Anyway, here’s the conversation upon sorting out the M&Ms and dealing the cards:

Me: “Wait! I need to get my camera!”

Boston: “Girls and cameras.” (Accomanying eye roll.)

Me: “Wait a minute! All I heard today from Donald and Darrin today was ‘I wish I had a camera!'”

Donald: “That’s different! That was the beach, this is M&M’s!”

And the accompanying scrapbook page I did of the night: 🙂


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