So here’s why I love

the youth venture kids: they have got so much stinkin’ personality it’s not even funny. Except that it is funny. It’s actually ridiculously funny. Last night went from singing lullabies to a girl who was trying to sleep on the couch, to figuring out what names we looked like besides our actual given ones, to getting my car washed out back, to “Do you want to hear a riddle? Okay, I’m going to a picnic and I’m bringing a black balloon. What are you bringing? … Nope, you can’t bring that. Nope, not that either.”

Remember those riddles? I remember going through that phase around fourteen. It’s fun watching these kids go through all the phases we did when we were younger. Like magic tricks. We were in love with magic tricks for like a month in junior high. It must have hit the current eighth grade a few weeks ago, because every kid at youth venture suddenly had a deck in their back pocket at all times and “Pick a card, any card,” became the most overused phrase.


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