It’s SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!

Bye, bye winter. Bye, bye rain. Shine down, sun, at 105 degrees if you must!

I loves it.

More exciting news: On Saturday we rearranged our bedroom and living room in our apartment. Our beds are now what I like to call infirmary style, side by side along one wall. It’s kind of like being at camp again. Same people involved, too.

Other, other exciting news: On that same Saturday, while I was in a cleaning/organizing frenzy and doing all my laundry I accidentally washed my 2 gig, soft cover, cute burnt orange colored, perfect little jump drive in my jacket pocket. I was horrified; that little guy is the best jump drive that’s ever happened to me! When I held it up, I could see the water that had pooled inside the case, slowly drowning the little drive. BUT, I decided not to throw it away, and set it upside down in case the water would drain. AND IT DID. And I just tried it in my work computer about half an hour ago, AND IT STILL WORKS! It’s even got the files I already had on it still working.

What a happy day for me!


One thought on “It’s SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!

  1. Jessica March 7, 2008 / 6:51 pm

    Thought provoking comment #2: You should still back up the files that were on it, “just in case”. 🙂

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