Rainy Days and Dodgeball

Just a side thought, since it’s raining a storm out there: When we were little,my brother and sister and I would sing that song, “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day…” and,well, you know the rest. But at the end of it, though, we would tack on a “Na, na, na, na fishsticks.” Why? I have no explanation, other than that we were weird little kids. Anyway, just wanted to share that since it was stuck in my head tonight, fishsticks and all.
BREAKING NEWS: Michael and Jessica are having a kid! Yippee!
Other random thoughts: These kind of rainy nights make me want to stay up all night typing away at a mystery novel. However, since these are the only times I ever get a hankering to write a mystery novel, it seems unlikely to happen. (And there’s no way I’m reading a mystery novel on a night like this.)
Anyway, so today we had a little team ball tournament for the youth venture kiddos, and ha! Our junior high team kicked butt! It was good afternoon fun for all.

Ahhh… look at them being all gangsta.

Powering up before the big game.

Ready, set, DODGE!

The sideline crew

And finally, John Shippam. He spent the game referee-ing. And by referee-ing I do mean rolling/throwing pennies across the court at us. Here, he is being gutsy by shooting his cell phone across the floor through ten jumping boys.

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