Adventuresome Times

Tonight Sonia, Jeremy, and I set out for a night of adventure and rebellion, throwing in a little illegal activity where appropriate. We took nothing but a camera with dying batteries and the clothes on our back, starting out at Balboa Park and ending on Harbor Drive. Here’s a recap of the night, complete with visuals:

Adventure 1: The Tree

Rebellious Activity Involved: Climbing a fence to explore forbidden territory; hiding from security while in said tree; swinging from the old and historic branches of said tree…
Mission Status: Complete
Adventure Two: Finding a Stick
Adventure Details: Use the stick to fish out a nickel from a fountain
Mission Status: Failed
Adventure Three: Throwing a Penny Over a Wall and Into a Fountain
Mission Status: Complete
Adventure Four: Analyzing death rates from various heights on suicide bridge
Mission Status: Disputed as to Completion

One thought on “Adventuresome Times

  1. Brittany October 7, 2006 / 3:37 pm

    awe, how fun. look it's jeremy! i was wondering if he was still alive after poland since i havent seen him since may.

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