New Shoes

I hate wearing shoes.

I blame my aversion of standard footwear on camp, where the rules state that closed toes shoes must be worn at all times with the exception of your bed, the showers, or the pool. Fortunately, as lifeguard for three summers, I was able to wear my beloved flip flops for half the day, only slipping on those old tennies when dinner came around and for subsequent meetings after.

All of this is to say I don’t buy shoes often. I’m not a girly girl who has a million pairs of shoes. Most of my “shoes” are actually sandals in some form. In fact, the only shoes I ever wear serve a specific purpose, i.e., my running shoes and my soccer cleats or the shoes I wear when it’s raining (I have this thing about getting my feet wet….). I just don’t see the point in dirtying a pair of socks when I much prefer my flip flops. So when I go out and buy shoes it’s not just for the heck of it. It is because I absolutely, desperately, can’t get around it anymore, must buy another pair because the ones I am currently wearing could fall of my feet at any moment. Because that’s pretty much the point my shoes get before I’ll give in and spend money on a new pair:

I give you Exhibit A:

As you can see I had far exceeded that point where I needed new shoes.

I think I could have gone a couple more months on these bad boys except that indoor soccer at school is starting up tonight, and I must admit the duct tape makes me a bit self-conscious. It’s fine for running around the block, jogging to my pink ipod. It’s completely different to actually wear them out in public.

So I bought me some new shoes and I even wore them to class tonight to break them in a bit before the inaugural game. Good luck, new tennies. I hope we have many good times together, and hopefully you will not end up with the misfortune of your predecessors, whose current home is the kitchen trash. Until tomorrow, when their new home is the city dump….


One thought on “New Shoes

  1. :: mandy :: September 19, 2006 / 6:20 am

    Considering you just came home with a bloody sock, I'm thinking Day One with your tennies didn't go as you might have hoped. Here's to a better Day Two.

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