Take it from me…

Tonight’s mood: Frustrated

Take it from me- when you get to college, figure out quickly what you want to do and then set out your master plan on how you’re going to accomplish it.

Now me, I always knew what I wanted to do, ever since I was eleven years old and tried my hand at writing my first book. It didn’t get very far, but staying up late every night on that old typewriter made me fall in love with the process of telling a story. So I’m going to be a writer. Enough said.

However, when you go to a small school, such as mine, getting classes that actually help you in certain life goals sometimes is hard to accomplish. For instance, I just in the last year discovered that for the goals I have, a major in English is not very helpful. Neither is a major in Communications. But… when I combine various writing and grammar classes from English with certain research and theory classes from Communications… woo-hoo! I’ve practically made up my own Journalism degree.

This is quite excellent, and definitely a winning idea for any SDCCer who can’t get enough out of just one major, except for one thing: I discovered this at the end of my junior year, after six semesters of setting myself up for a degree in English.

As my roommate Jenna would say, “Oh, blast.”

So here I am, my second year as a senior, with just one more upper division class to fit into my schedule before spring. I thought I had it all planned until the horrendous discovery this afternoon that my Research in Communications class that I was so looking forward to is… (dramatic chords here) a CAPSTONE class! Oh, horrors! Basically this means it’s a senior project class, complete with ridiculously long senior paper, maddeningly stressful senior presentation, and many moments of serious contemplation of whether one really needs a degree to get by in life or not. In other words, it’s not fun.

I sit here tonight, awaiting former Communications classmates to send their opinions, via myspace messaging, as to whether I should grin and bear it in Research for the educational experience I would get aside from the project part of it, or resort, for simplicity’s sake, to a class called Rhetorical Theory (which is more than likely every bit as boring as it sounds). Rhetorical isn’t offered until spring, so if I opt for it, I have to figure out what elective class I would have taken next semester, and fit it in now… there’s just so much to decide!!!! I can’t take it anymore!!!

Take it from me, the frenzied two-year Senior– figure it all out freshman year! Save yourself and your sanity and give yourself a nice relaxing, stress-free senior year!

Peace, out.


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