Last night at B22… version 2.0

So last night we had to call Cox tech support to get our internet hooked back up (again). Since Sonia was demanding that it be done that second, I made her wait on hold after the automatic voice told me that they were experiencing abnormally excessive calls that night.

So Sonia waited.

Eventually (actually, not too long into it), Sonia couldn’t take it any longer and started talking into the phone. Things like, “Pleeeeeeaasseeeee, let me be next,” and “Pretty, pretty please, I just need to talk to someone real fast.”

During the chants of “SBC! SBC!” Sarah revealed to Sonia that there are people called “quality control” whose job is to listen to five or six people on hold at a time to make sure things are going okay. And as soon as Sonia heard that, she started talking directly to Mr. or Ms. Quality Control person. Soon she was telling jokes, camp jokes, the ones meant to make only us and anybody who’s spent over two summers at IHC laugh. Towards the end, she was trying to entice them to talk back. Something like, “Come on! I’m bored, you’re bored, just talk to me!”

She pretty much had us in stitches with her comments and jokes, before her eyes got really wide and she started laughing. Covering the phone, she whispered, “They talked to me. She said I’m next!”

Woo-hoo! It’s kind of like making the British guards crack a smile. Sonia made the quality control person speak. Victory!


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