On Vampires and Neighbor Boys

Legend has it that a vampire cannot enter a house without first being invited in. But as soon as that invitation is given, the repentant homeowner cannot issue an un-invitation; the vampire gets free reign in that house. And as we all know, vampires do not make for friendly houseguests.

So when Sarah mentioned during our late Monday night watching of The Notebook that we should invite the neighbor boys down for chick flick night, for some reason vampires immediately came to mind. Hmmmm… I may be giving them the benefit of the doubt right now, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to unleash them into my living room. I have a feeling we may end up with results not unlike the vampire myth by inviting neighbor boys in. So, Sarah, let’s hold off on inviting them in until it’s something really important… like a rat has snuck in or a spider needs to be killed.

Disclaimer: Just in case off of you overprotective male protectors of Apartment B22 out there just got a little worried about our judgment, Sarah was (for the most part) joking about letting them in at 11:00pm to watch a chick flick with us.

A comedy, maybe, but not a chick flick. We barely know these neighbor boys.


2 thoughts on “On Vampires and Neighbor Boys

  1. sarah b. August 4, 2006 / 8:49 am

    As my Russian buddy Sasha would proclaim, “Jokes!”

    That's Russian for “I'm so totally kidding, I wouldn't even think about doing that in reality.”

  2. sarah b. August 5, 2006 / 7:04 pm

    Ok, after yesterday's conversations with the guys… they're really nice!

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