Cobblestone Capers

Some people get their house toilet papered. Some get their lawn forked. Some people get their cars stuffed with balloons.

Well, tonight, my truck got mattressed.

It all started a couple of days ago when Mandy walked outside one morning to go to work and found a king sized mattress resting atop the roof of her car. A bit surprised, as most people are when they find furniture on their cars, she simply rolled the thing off and rested it against the wall.

So the mattress sat there for a couple of days, until it appeared once more atop her car. And once more it was rolled back to the wall.

Well, tonight, Sonia left with Paul, and Mandy left with Dan, and I stayed home for about half an hour by myself before heading out to my truck to go watch Jessica and Mikey’s wedding video.

The mattress had found its way into the bed of my truck.

I just stood there and stared at it, wondering how I was gracefully going to haul that thing out, maneuver it between the cars parked on either side of me, and return it to its resting place against the wall.

Fortunately, I did not have to wonder long, as two of my neighbors, specifically known on the internet as Analyst Catalyst and his gf, happened to pull up, and A.C., the hero of the night, not only took the mattress from my truck, but also officially destroyed it, ending any more mattress mischief that may have ensued.

I blamed Mandy and Dan, but when I walked in and they and Sonia and Paul spilled the beans, I was told it was none other than… (da, da DA)… Justin Miller.

Revenge will be mine, Miller. I know where you sleep in Apartment 25….


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