It’s 10:58 p.m. and I’m tired

Well, today was a hectic day. It is merely two days to the much-rejoiced-over junior/senior retreat. Which basically means today was the day I panicked realizing how much “stuff” I needed to get done that I would normally have done Friday and over the weekend. Where has the week gone?

So after a stressful half-day at work, I headed home to finish up on my trusty laptop, which comes equipped with the latest and greatest of Microsoft Picture It/Publishing, just what I needed to complete one of my major work projects (the other is still in the process and may accompany me to Catalina this weekend… uhhh….).

After battling the project for awhile, I decided a break was in need and headed off to WAMU and Ross/Target to pick up a few things I needed for the trip, i.e. a cute bathing suit. At Ross, I picked up, not a cute bathing suit, but four other cute things (all wondrously underpriced) and wasted a good hour and a half browsing the smalls of the shirt section (I think Roxy donates their entire store to Ross at the end of every month). Then I was off to Target where I found the cutest bathing suit that actually fits and so I was happy when I came home. I also brought some TGIFriday’s Buffalo Wings because a) I love them and b) the smell of them drives Sonia off the wall.

After dinner I set back down to finish project el numero uno, completing in record time (and it looks pretty good, too), and then realized that it was now 8:15 pm, and I had forgotten to do my laundry that day, which was my entire purpose for stopping at WAMU earlier (quarter roll). Errrr…. About this time in the day, Sonia and I went out to get the mail, and Sonia discovered in our box… a key. A key in the mailbox is a symbol for much happiness because it means a package awaits us that was to big to shove into our small mailbox. Sonia won this week, and ended up with a quilt and matching pillowcase that Sarah had made and sent out from good ol’ Indiana.

The rest of the night brought me to making a mental list of things to do tomorrow that I didn’t get done today (laundry, packing, turning in tax info, and project el numero dos, among other things). Tonight would have been a good night to do those things. Instead I blog surfed.

I’ve discovered everyone seems to have a picture blog these days. And, clearly, I am a follower (that’s how I got on blog to begin with, thanks, Sonia). So I rustled me up a new blog, new template, and even uploaded a new pic so the one of me at Disneyland three years ago is not the one people will see when they visit.

My new blog’s cool. Go check it out.

Peace out. I’m going to bed.


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