Brianhead, UT

Here are some pics from our trip to Brianhead, Utah. We went February 16-19 and it was amazing fun, despite the fact the girls’ room didn’t have hot water for the first day (errrr). We snowboarded, played games, went in the jacuzzi every day (it was dirty by the end of our visit), and had just an amazing time together. The second day we found ourselves in the middle of a snowstorm, with the lifts closing sporadically during the day. Even when they were open, we were never sure we would make it to the top! Heather almost got blown off the darn thing. To pass the time, Teale and I hiked up a hill near our condo with some of the guys and took pictures of them doing jumps off their makeshift lift. Good times, good pictures.

So, that is my Brianhead trip update! Not as informative as most updates, I know, but the life of a college senior is frenzied beyond all reason!


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