Adelaide’s San Diego Update

1) It is spring break for SDCC. It slightly sucks because no one else has break for another MONTH! I think they purposely don’t want us to have fun sometimes.
2) I got a $50 bonus check yesterday. There was much happiness.
3) Jesse, Lily, Justin Gibson, and I went to dance lessons on Sunday night. We re-learned some salsa moves.
4) I went snowboarding in Utah a few weeks ago. It was stinkin’ amazing.
5) Heather and I bought a new filing cabinet for our office and spent a glorious Thursday afternoon re-organizing.
6) I got four hours of sleep Saturday night because a certain roommate who has her own room decided she wanted to sleep in my bed instead.
7) I went to the Scrapbook Attic (best store EVER) and found that pretty much everything is 50% off for the month of March. March has become scrapbooking month for me, and I had quite a fun time on Saturday updating with aforementioned Utah trip pictures.
8) Our internet still sucks.
9) My car got broken into and the only thing missing is my Sara Evans CD : I am not a happy camper
10) I ditched small group on Wednesday night to do research for my lit crit class; apparently I was missed.

End transmission. More to come.


2 thoughts on “Adelaide’s San Diego Update

  1. sarah b. March 11, 2006 / 2:41 am

    THANKS, Jordizzarow. Did I tell you that I worked for a scrapbooking store that has gone world-wide? I can hook you up. Visit and give me a wishlist. Hey, you can visit it if you come in June. We'll make Sonia wait for hours as revenge for her Bestbuy experiences.

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